Sell domains in your app

Entri Sell enables your users to easily purchase a domain that is immediately configured to work with your application.

With Entri Sell, your users can buy and connect a domain name to your application effortlessly, right within your Entri modal. After purchase, Entri automatically connects their domain to your service, applying the records you defined on the dnsRecords object.

Step 1

To set up Sell, first set up the Entri Modal.

Be sure to use the dynamic configuration variables if your DNS records change based on the domain purchased.

Step 2

Then, call the purchaseDomain method with your configuration object to open the Entri Purchase Domain Flow.

<button type="button" onclick="entri.purchaseDomain(config)">Purchase Domain</button>
<button type="button" onClick={() => entri.purchaseDomain(config)}>Purchase Domain</button>

That's it! You're all set. If you are using Entri's callback events, the setupType will be set to purchase.

  domain: "",  
  success: true,  
  setupType: "purchase",  
  provider: "Ionos",  


Who is the registrar for the domain?

Entri has partnered with Ionos as the domain registrar.

How is billing handled?

Billing, renewals, and the checkout process are handled by Ionos.

Who is responsible for customer support relating to the domain purchased?

For all inquiries relating to billing, renewals, domain registration, please direct your customers to Ionos's support team:

Can I earn a commission for each domain purchased?

Yes! Please contact your Entri account manager to set this up.